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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Angel of the Day: Christine Annette, generous blogger

Today's Angel of the Day is the fabulous Christine Annette. Why is she so fabulous? Let me count the ways:

First, Christine's blog, Old Photo Album, at features one of the most unique selection of genuine vintage photos on the web, and she shares all of them for FREE! She asks only that the images not be compiled and sold, but otherwise gives complete artistic freedom of use! My personal faves are her photos of fabulous women of a by-gone era. Her site has a veritable cornucopia of grand dames, and includes themes perfect for every season. For other interests, though, Christine's blog also includes vintage playing cards, floral postcards, & other illustrations. I personally love using the quirky lady photos in cards with interesting quotes. What will you dream up with Christine's free images?

Secondly, Christine has started another blog, Friends Who Share, at as a meeting place for crafty ladies to share graphics, recipes, crafts, decor ideas, and more! What a great idea! The site includes listings of freebies and giveaways as well as links to other crafty & free graphic image sites. Well worth a visit!

Christine has also set up a blog for the sole purpose of helping blogger newbies set up and customize their blogs! She links to Graphics Fairy on this blog as well (another angel) and even offers a free blog header and installation help to those who utilize her assistance! This alone makes her worthy of angel status!

Lastly, if you're interested in beautiful, unique blog designs or housewares, you might also want to drop by Christine Annette Designs, at I would describe her style as shabby Parisian glam, but see for yourself.

In each of her blogging endeavors, it's clear that Christine Annette has made a priority of reaching out to kindred spirits in the artisan community & helping them on their way. This truly makes her an angel!

Live with gratitude & seize the day!


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  1. Holly, Thank you so much for making me the angel of the day. I am always delighted to see what others can do with the photos and graphics I share. With friends like you, I am inspired to continue with my online adventures.